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Physical Therapist

Achieve A Healthy Mind And Body.

Laura has the solutions to your emotional, physical, mental and associated problems.

1:1 support and bespoke programmes just for you.

Become free from pain and restrictions in your body, mind and life with Laura's holistic (whole body) approach to your very own health.

You will move forward with health, happiness, purpose, fulfilment, clarity and confidence.

If you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Stress

  • Tension

  • Anxiety

  • Worry

  • Chronic and reoccurring pain

Laura can help you Today.

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Encourage, Enable, Empower.


Is this for you?

Stress is caused by work, finances, relationships and many other factors. 
This can manifest into a variety of personal issues such as physical pain, illness, poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy habits.
There is a solution to your problems.
Laura and her team can help you.

Your environment, physical and mental state all affect your level of stress and your physical and mental health.

Our bodies become weak and congested from the constant influx of stress hormones and we become stuck in learnt patterns of behaviour which cause us illness, pain and fatigue.
It's a viscous cycle which negatively influences our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Laura will teach you how to identify and address your issues, implementing both physical and psychological techniques, allowing you to make step by step improvements to your own health with noticeable results along the way.

Daily support ensures you get the support needed every step of the way.

These skills will help you throughout your life.

What we help with.

Stress in the body can manifest in a variety of ways.

Symptoms can include:
Muscular and joint pain
Anxiety and worry
Tension and stress
Fatigue and tiredness
Brain fog
Emotional outbursts or lack of emotion

You may also experience:
A lack of free time for yourself
Fad/yo-yo diets
Excessive or no exercise
Not having enough money
Tension within work or family life
A sense of holding yourself back


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About Laura

Find out more about Laura and her qualifications here.

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A variety of plans to suit all your problems and needs

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Laura Webb The Womanly Way of Life.

Laura enables you to become healthy and well once again will her scientific and holistic training and approach to mental and physical wellbeing.
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