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Transform your mind-set.
Develop your skill-set.
Achieve your goals.


What I do.

You can live the life you dream of, unapologetically.

Don't judge yourself on your current look, weight, job, health or bank balance they are only a reflection of your current lifestyle choices and mindset.

You get to change all of it if you choose to!

Transform your beliefs around who you are and what you deserve. 

You are so capable and deep down you know you want more, you are fed up of having less and feeling crap.

You get to:

Have the career of your choice

A work:life balance to suit you

Look and feel great

and daily choices to suit you.

You can thrive, be confident and no longer feel held back by stress, anxiety, or the fear of being stuck.

By getting clear on your own wants and needs, passions and desires and realising your own worth you can re-write and live your life story exactly how you want to.

Create your life around your desires.

My clients are able to achieve their goals by gaining clarity on exactly what they want to achieve, igniting their confidence and building a rock solid core of self worth, creating the life they truly desire.

1:1 Coaching

How do you know if this is for you?

if you currently:

  • do not enjoy your job

  • feel stuck and like you're missing out

  • judge yourself for how you look

  • don't feel confident

  • suffer from stress, worry, anxiety and panic attacks

  • have had enough of  your current circumstances - weight, looks, lack of money, fun and fulfillment in life

  • know there is more out there for you but you don't know the steps to take

  • want to feel happy and confident in who you are

  • in need of a fresh start

My live programme reconnects you to your power, brilliance and inner confidence.

Throughout your journey we transform your mind set, ignite your confidence, renew your self worth and get you what you want.

You receive weekly 1:1 sessions with me and daily support guiding you each step of the way.

My course requires commitment and daily practice.

You will make profound shifts and achieve incredible results.

All while being supported every step of the process.

Spaces are limited and invite only.
 Book your free breakthrough call below and see if now is your time!

Ladies, for my Ultimate Body Bliss Guide And Course See Below

Transform your relationship with how you view and treat yourself and watch how your life blooms into all you could ever desire and more.
You deserve to look your very best and put yourself first.
No fad diets and no mindless exercise regimes. 
Learn how to live life for you, prioritise yourself and get your GLOW back once and for all.
Beach Outfit

Free Guide

The 5 Steps my busy clients use to ignite their self worth and create a life which lights them up!

Looking at the View

The Course

The ultimate course for busy women to know your true worth and create the life you truly desire.


AMY / 29

''Working with Laura has allowed me to start a new job I absolutely love, earn more money and have fun in the Process.

She has taught me skills that I never would have known about otherwise which have allowed me to see my goals all the way through and be successful when usually I'd of become stuck and given up.

I Totally recommend working with Laura, she is a genius!''

LIAM / 38

“ I had recently been through a separation, Laura allowed me to get clear on what I want in life and the steps to rebuild it how I now want to live.

A fresh start focused on me and my goals. Perfect "

LAURA / 33

“Laura is amazing to work with. She always helps me see things from a different perspective. She puts a different spin on things and encourages me to look deeper into the meaning behind my reactions. She doesn't dismiss my feelings but instead helps me to acknowledge them and really feel into them.

She is a breath of fresh air and has really helped me develop my journey of self love and abundance."

ANNE/ 42

“Laura allowed me to realise what is truly important to me in life and to prioritise myself without any guilt.

I set my target to be my most confident and healthy self.

I have implemented a great diet and exercise routine which suits me.

I feel and look great and this has helped me with my career, relationship and lifestlye."

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