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4 tips to exercising in the most enjoyable way!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

When you hear that little voice inside saying ‘hey, we’d love to start working out please!’ take that as a hell yeah it’s time to experience this thing called fitness and love on your body!

Granted, sometimes it’s more your ‘inner critic’ telling you how fat you look and that you shouldn’t leave the house in this state. I hear you. Our inner critic is one giant b*tch. Thank her for that useful, although brutal, info and tell her to go for a run herself. JOG. ON, Love *pffft*.

The fact is you’d love to get moving again, to feel comfortable in your own skin and to rock whatever outfit you desire. Hell Yeah! I’m here for all of that.

And the greatest thing about it all is it’s 100% inevitable and achievable for you to get the success you so deeply desire. Without all the forcing and unsustainable hell you’ve experienced before.

Follow the below tips and watch how quickly your love affair with your body begins and continues forever more.

  1. Embrace being a Newbie! It’s totally OK to start from scratch. Take the easier options and start a fresh. When you expect your body to be able to achieve incredible results day one you’re instantly setting yourself up for failure and sabotaging your very inevitable results. Enjoy each progression and how your body responds and adapts so quickly. Take the baby steps and watch how quickly you get fitter and stronger. Not such a newbie now, ay!

  2. Listen to your body. If it feels too much then hold off. If it feels too easy then increase the intensity. If you haven’t got a clue then keep going until you decide. When you begin moving your body you’re forming new patterns of movement, it doesn’t take long but it does take being mindful of what you’re up to and tuning into how you’re feeling to avoid any injuries or lack of progression. TOP TIP: If you’re feeling good when you’re doing it you’re onto a winner! The better it gets, the better it gets.

  3. Try something new. Think of it more as play than work. No one wants more ‘work’ added to their already crazy days, am I right?! What you did 10 years ago, or even a year ago, may not be what you need right now and that’s ok! There are so many different types of workouts, places, activities, intensities, you name it, and it now exists. Instead of becoming overwhelmed feel into the endless possibilities. You can mix it up every day if you like. Experience whatever takes your fancy today. Afterwards ask yourself….Did you enjoy it? Would you like to do it again? If it’s a hell yes then get that scheduled into your diary, Sister!

  4. CELEBRATE EVERY SINGLE WIN. Turned up to your workout? WIN. Enjoyed it? WIN. Achieved something new? WIN. Feeling good? WIN. Feeling stronger? WIN. Hated every second? WIN! Yep, even when you experience things which doesn't feel good you’re actually progressing and getting clear on what you do enjoy until you’ll only navigate yourself towards enjoyment. Feeling more energised? Feeling satisfied with your commitment? You know you’re improving your health and looks all in one go….WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN. Write all of these down every single day! ‘My wins are…’.

Don’t just focus on the number on the scales..

FOCUS on how you FEEL. How your clothes feel looser, how you’re sleeping better, how you’ve treated yourself to new workout gear, how you’ve dedicated that time for yourself, how you feel relieved and satisfied that you are taking each step day by day towards your goal.

You’re learning to nourish and bloom into your best self. AND THAT IS AWESOME!

You are worthy of that time for yourself and that commitment to your own beauty and happiness.

Celebrate yourself every single day and the end results will appear before you even realise.

Don’t let any negative thoughts or the number on the scales drain your happiness. Ditch those old unhelpful sabotage city habits and embrace your new ways of self-love and celebration to Blissville where your beautiful feminine body, happiness and GLOW are all ready for you.

I am here to guide you and cheer you on every single step of the way.

If you struggle with any of the above I can help you achieve this for yourself today.

Email me or book a chat with me here .

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

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