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Choose you, always.

When you want MORE where do you start?

I wanted more fulfilment from my career.

I wanted way more free time to do what I loved.

I wanted money, loads of money to do whatever the f I wanted with it.

I wanted to know what it was that I loved.

I wanted to know why I did certain things that I didn’t want to do.

I wanted to stop holding myself back.

I wanted to spend more time with my body. What I enjoy, what feels great.

I wanted to experience more pleasure.

Be more confident and know that it was OK to be so.

I wanted to be more of me, ALL of me. No holding back, no maybe’s no choosing certain parts. ALL OF ME.

Celebrating everything I’ve forgotten over the years.

I got back to me.

I found out who I was again, what I loved, what I needed and how I wanted to live in every area of my life.

I grew into my confidence and certainty.

I began flexing my muscles in what I could create, how much I could love myself and thrive from a place of fullness, love, joy and expansion.

Now that’s the place to live from.

I didn’t need anyone else’s opinion, input or negative influence on my life.

I chose me for the first time in a long time. It felt scary. I invested everything I had into myself.

I delved into the world of self development. I wanted those up levels all round.

There are courses in everything out there.

Amazing courses to help you with relationships, money, health, wealth, love…all aspects of our human life.

Personally, I’d recommend doing them all.

Any that call to you and that you resonate with. Do it. The shifts that you make during these processes are profound. They are life changing. They allow you to make the shifts you need to live the life you want.

Invest in yourself. Choose you over and over and over again.

Everything changes throughout our lifetime. Friends, family, jobs, career, wages, health, looks….it all changes. Each change bringing with it a chance to grow, to embrace the change and to love on ourselves even more at every opportunity.

Who we are and our very core essence, everything that makes us so unique, brilliant and magnificent THAT never changes. THAT NEVER CHANGES.

Our ability to check in with ourselves and to celebrate who and what we are that is what’s tested in these moments of change.

If we are able to connect to our true desires, our brilliantness, our wants, desires and magic we are free to choose in every moment what benefits us.

We hold the power to create our most epic life.

A life full of wonder and awe, abundance and freedom is your birth right.

Your desires are yours for a reason.

They are not selfish or greedy.

You need not feel guilty for putting yourself first.

When you choose you, everyone around you benefits.

You are so full of love of joy of opportunities and you are able to enjoy life for everything that it is.

And that is what I decided to teach in.

This is what lights me up.

My new business.

The Womanly Way of Life.

Motivating and inspiring you to get back to who you are, to know what you love and to have the confidence, radiance and magnetism to receive it all.

Connect back to you and your desires.

Create a life from your core morals, values and everything that lights you up. There are no limits.

Strip back what no longer serves you and step up into a world full of fun, confidence, radiance, divinity and GLOW.

You get to have it ALL. And you get to have it all now.

Lots of love

Laura xx

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