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Feminine Power: What is it?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You’ve seen it before, Women who effortlessly command attention walking into the room without even saying a word. They turn heads whether they’re wearing a Gucci dress or jeans and a t-shirt.

The ladies who address you with such finesse and composure, attracting people with their incredibly comforting and lit up personalities.

They’re radiant, confident and MAGNETIC.

Being around them feels amazing.

What do these ladies all have in common? They’re channeling their Feminine Power.

Growing up in modern times places more emphasis on the grades you achieve, working hard for everything and receiving validation outside of ourselves, which is the very linear and masculine approach to life.

Both men and women have feminine and masculine energy (i'll save this for another post).

The masculine has a very important role in our daily lives for us to get things done, but our energies have become overwhelmed with the masculine while the feminine has dwindled rapidly.

Did you know it was always the Goddess who was worshiped for thousands of years bringing love, fulfillment and feeling to humans? Before the current Patriarchal times....stripping women from their own power and putting the world out of balance. Interesting, ay.

This has caused us to forget about our love of all things creative, our incredible superpowers, authenticity and natural beauty as women.

As well as the powers that exist when we are loving and supporting each other.

When there is no competition and no bitchiness among women, watch them rise.

We strive for more and more each day, and throughout society.

We have the degrees, the car, the family, the career, and no free time. Yet, we still feel the pressure to include even more into our busy schedule while feeling tired, unfulfilled and lost at times.

All we have to do is re-connect with this incredible power living inside ourselves, allowing us to choose happiness and the things we love every single day.

However, It’s almost impossible to do unless you know how….


When we rest we are able to connect to our feminine energy.

It isn’t lazy, it’s essential.

Resting allows our cortisol levels (stress hormone) to reduce and our parasympathetic nervous system to relax. And then guess what? We have made space to access our feminine power, our intuition and our knowing.

Do you fancy going for a walk in nature? Drawing? Painting? Singing? Dancing? Baking? All those amazing creative activities that make us feel so good, yet are last on our list of priorities. Ditch the to-do list. Yes, really.

Fancy indulging in a bath and an early night? Perfect! You’re doing great.

Our Feminine Power allows us to do what we enjoy, and be our most authentic happy selves, following our intuition and our hearts.

Your heart will guide you to everything you love (your head can prevent this a lot).

Those activities that you don’t even have to think about, you instinctively enjoy them, because your body just knows, your heart just knows.

Yes, expressing who we are through creativity and the things that make us happy is allowed, and so very good for us. And guess what? When you’re happy doing what you enjoy you can access this incredible magnetism and vitality too.

The better it gets the better it gets.

You soften and trust yourself again.

You’re graceful, glowing, and radiant.

You have become positively magnetic to everyone around you.

And not just that, you’re now open to so many positive and exciting experiences and opportunities.

All by being your authentic, natural, happiest self.

I know, you can feel the power already can’t you.

Enjoy ladies xx

My courses will ignite your feminine power! You will have your very own magnetism and Joy once again. YUMMY. Check out my courses page or email for more details.

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